Car Seat Harness

Car Seat Harness
Use our Car Seat Harness to safely secure them inside the doggie car seat with the top ring on the Car Seat Harness. Or you can put the seatbelt thru the top handle on our Car-Seat Harness to safely secure them to your own car's passenger or back seat (back seat is best because it is away from the air bag).

Our Car Seat Harness is designed for your pets comfort & safety. Comes in a bright Safety Orange Mesh because bright orange is easy to spot in an emergency. Designed for smaller breeds under 15lbs.

Features 2 velcro closures, (under neck and tummy) with a metal leash ring on top for walks just like our soft walking harness. Top webbing handle also allows you to grab them fast, in an emergency.

Size 1 - Up to 2 lbs 6-9" around chest $25.95

Size 2 - 2.5 -4 lbs 10-11" around chest $26.95

Size 3 - 4.5 - 5.5 lbs 12-13" around chest $27.95

Size 4 - 6-10 lbs - 14-16" around chest $28.95

Size 5 - 11-15 lbs - 17-20" aroundc ches $29.95

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