In•Dóg•Neétõ.com Also known as Tinydogstore.com is a company supplying hard to find products for really tiny dogs. We have sweaters, soft walking harnesses, carrying bags for little ones, stairs, gates, male doggie diapers, for marking and incontinence female doggie diapers too. We have beautifully made parkas, tiny t-shirts & jammies, shampoos & spritzers and tiny dog toys. If you need something for your tiny dog we will probably have what your looking for.
About Us

Finding stuff for tiny dogs is impossible. The more we find that help us out the more that end up on our website. All of the items we sell, we use ourselves, no gimicks. All of our products are made in the USA and are geared for smaller dogs. Take a look and see if anything will help you with your little one too.

Peanut, Lola & Ozzie
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